Our Trainers

All MVC Boxing trainers are HIGHLY experienced and follow strict guidelines.  Whilst being registered with the National Amateur Boxing Association, they also have all the relevant qualifications.Direct supervision and safety is undertaken throughout EVERY class.
MVC Boxing classes have strict rules and regulations, for both inside and outside the gymnasium environment, with every participant learning the importance of conducting themselves in a positive and disciplined manner.

Steve Marks

Founder & Development Coach

Steve is our founder and manager. There is nothing Steve doesn't know about boxing and fitness and his passion exudes to those around him.

Pete Matthews


Pete is known as the abs master!! Pete's classes are filled with intensity, technique and yes .. ab work!

Melinda Canavan


Mel's classes are full of variety from cardio, circuit, weights, bag and pad work then finishing her classes with a mix of ab work and pilates for stretching. Mel is always encouraging and supportive members and conducts a women's only class on Wednesdays evenings.

Bek O'Brien

Boxing Trainer

Possibly our most enthusiastic and driven trainers, Bek loves fitness and loves trying new exercises - just ask her Friday morning women's class!!

Colin Boyce

Boxing Trainer

One of the nicest blokes you'll meet but you may need an interpreter with Col's strong Scottish accent !! Col is a stalwart of the gym and is eager to help any member reach their potential.

Kennis Cheung

BBX Instructor

MVC's dynamic pocket rocket Kennis is the queen of yoga and will have you stretching and working muscles you never new existed. Her BBX classes are 30mins jammed with HIIT and Pilates/Yoga - providing boxers will an all round holistic approach.

Andrew Marrs

Boxing & POP Trainer

Andy is our head POP Boxing trainer and also our resident cycle enthusiast - always welcoming all with a wide smile and a calming nature.

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