Melinda Canavan


Mel's classes are full of variety from cardio, circuit, weights, bag and pad work then finishing her classes with a mix of ab work and pilates for stretching. Mel is always encouraging and supportive members and conducts a women's only class on Wednesdays evenings.


Melinda Canavan

I have been boxing at MVC for over 9 years.  As soon as I started I was addicted, not only to the fitness aspect but also the mental stimulation boxing provides. 

MVC was built in honour of my father Michael Victor Canavan (MVC) and it is a privilege to be part of an association stemmed from his discipline, passion and amazing contribution to the sport.

My most memorable moment to date is when one of the girls from my women's class approached me at the end and thanked me for helping her to become more confident and empowered, this is why I love it and you will too.