Chloe Woods

Boxing Trainer


Chloe Woods

Get to Know Chloe

How did you first come to MVC Boxing?

I first joined after Brendan did the Sunday morning session with Pete and loved it! So I wanted to come along and try it too!

How long have you been involved at MVC?

January 2019

What is your level of training?

Boxing Australia Level 1 Coach

When did you become a trainer?

January 2020

What do you like about being a trainer?

Seeing everyone in the class having fun and enjoying the session! I love encouraging others to work hard and do their best and feel great at the end of the session!

What's your worse and favourite exercise at MVC?

I love the everything about the MVC circuits, but particularly the focus pads with our awesome trainers!

What do you enjoy most at MVC?

I love the community at MVC, everyone is so encouraging and friendly. There is always such a happy and positive energy at MVC, I feel so grateful to be apart of such an amazing community!

Who/what inspires you in life?

My daughter, Brendan and Steve!

What motivates you?

My daughter, I want her to see how strong woman are, the importance of looking after your health and also being apart of a great community!