Kennis Cheung

BBX Instructor

MVC's dynamic pocket rocket Kennis is the queen of yoga and will have you stretching and working muscles you never new existed. Her BBX classes are 30mins jammed with HIIT and Pilates/Yoga - providing boxers will an all round holistic approach.


Kennis Cheung

Kennis is a Highly Qualified,Nationally Accredited and Registered Yoga Teacher (RYS 200) with over 600 hrs of teaching experience including 400 hrs in prenatal yoga. She also has a certificate in Anatomy.  

Kennis' teaching style focuses on alignment with attention to detail and sees yoga as a mind and body practice that can be strengthening, invigorating, relaxing and fun.

Her mission is to make this contemplative and beneficial practice accessible to all, and to walk the yoga journey with her students to discover and honour their body and mind ~ #namaste