Andrew Marrs

Boxing & POP Trainer

Andy is our head POP Boxing trainer and also our resident cycle enthusiast - always welcoming all with a wide smile and a calming nature.


Andrew Marrs

I developed my interest in strength and endurance training under the guidance of Olympic Taekwon-Do Coach Rod Black, he introduced me to the principle of dynamic training for strength.

An opportunity arose in 2011 to join MVC Boxing. As a resident of the Mitcham Ringwood area for over forty years, I saw the value of MVC as a unique member-based, non for profit, community based boxing gym. As my knowledge and skills in circuits developed, I was invited to be an MVC trainer under the mentorship of Steven Marks and Peter Matthews.

My Boxing circuit classes are safe, challenging and diverse, I adapt my circuits to the individual needs of the participants. I take great pride and enjoyment as an MVC trainer and consider the weekly circuits as a major part of my own fitness and training regime.

Andrew along with his wife Danielle have started our POP Boxing classes design for sufferers of Parkinson's Disease which he was diagnosed with in 2019.